Elena Weiskar Grafikdesignerin und Künstlerin


Hello, I'm Elena Weiskar, a freelance graphic designer and artist with over 13 years of experience. My expertise includes 3D design, print, image editing, and illustrations, with a constant focus on a precise eye for details and the essentials.

In my extensive experience, I have effectively collaborated with agencies, mid-sized companies, and individuals to develop creative solutions in the mentioned areas. My comprehensive knowledge enables me to implement projects that meet the individual requirements and desires of my clients.

Selbstmotivation und der Drang, Dinge voranzutreiben, sind meine treibenden Kräfte. Von der Ideenfindung über den Entwurf bis zum finalen Ergebnis stehe ich Ihnen mit Kreativität und unbegrenzter Motivation zur Seite. Meine Arbeitsweise ist durch Selbstständigkeit, strukturiertes Arbeiten und Zuverlässigkeit geprägt, mit dem klaren Ziel, durch ausdrucksstarke und ansprechende grafische Lösungen Ihre Zielgruppe optimal zu erreichen.

If you are seeking an experienced graphic designer who focuses on precise details, outstanding graphic solutions, and brings your visions to life, I am the right partner for your project!


Every project starts with a free and non-binding initial consultation. Thereby you tell me about your project and learn everything about my procedures and target agreements.

Print Design

Whether you need a logo, corporate design, flyer, or poster, I support you in creating expressive print media.

3D Visualization

Realistic architectural and product visualizations in 3D.

Image editing

Matte painting, compositing, photo manipulation, retouching.


Creation of digital illustrations for commercial purposes, concept art, character design, etc.

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I grew up in the tranquil small town of Löningen in Lower Saxony. Even in my childhood, painting and drawing were more than just pastimes. Walls and doors became my canvas – a creative expression that didn't always meet with enthusiasm from my parents.

At the age of 16, I started taking art classes at a local art school, and from that moment on, drawing and painting became an indispensable part of my life. A year later, I began taking on small commissioned projects and participating in exhibitions.

In 2008, I moved to Berlin to pursue a training in communication design. During this period of education, I explored the world of digital painting, temporarily placing traditional painting in the background.

After 10 years in the urban setting, I was drawn back to my rural hometown in 2019, and traditional drawing once again took center stage.
The rediscovery of traditional techniques was like a reunion with a long-lost friend. Since then, realistic drawing has been a daily companion, and each stroke carries a part of my personality. Behind every drawing lies over 100 hours of dedication. In my role as a communication designer, the focus often revolves around the needs of my clients. However, as an artist, my personal visions, emotions, and thoughts seamlessly flow into each of my works.

Currently, you have the opportunity to acquire my drawings in my shop as high-quality, limited edition art prints. Would you like a deeper insight into my creative process? Then follow me on Instagram and TikTok under 'eweiskar,' where I not only showcase my art but also the journey behind it – authentic and unfiltered.

Elena Weiskar, Design & Illustration